Is it just me?


I awoke Saturday morning with a feeling of
impending doom. I was invited to breakfast with the
wife, her mother, and her two sisters. Don’t get me
wrong I love them dearly but it still filled me with

We arrived a little early to find my in-laws had
already been seated and the place was packed. My
stomach tightened as I knew half the conversation
would be lost to me in the racket with my bad

I had a little ray of sunshine when the waitress
brought coffee and left a full pot in front of me.
But it soon clouded up. The ladies began talking
about their upcoming trip to Vegas and I tuned out.

I came to when the wife elbowed me in the ribs
because the waitress was asking me what I wanted.
She kept saying “sir?”, and I was looking for the
VIP who walked in. I was told she was talking to
me. Again.

I should explain that while I’m not a trouble
maker it does appear that way at times. I told her
I wanted biscuits and gravy. She then asked me how
I wanted my eggs fixed! I turned to look her in the
eye and told her I didn’t want eggs, just biscuits
and gravy.

Things looked to be going smoother until Murphy’s
Law kicked in. The waitress then asked if I wanted
cheese on my hashbrowns!

Look, I said, I just want biscuits and gravy! Then
my mother-in-law spoke up and told the waitress I
wanted an order of biscuits and gravy. For some
reason the waitress understood that. Turned out it
was a lot easier to eat than to order.

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