Cabbage, Obama, and political correctness


As a friend reminded us, we hope the wind at your
back is not the result of the corned beef and
cabbage you had for lunch.

That said, we have a few ideas on things that have
been happening lately and thought this a good time
to throw them against the wall and see if they

Obama has a lot of us confused in that he has
alieniated our allies while inviting adversaries
into the White House. We believe a solution to this
problem could be at hand. And it’s so simple a
blind man could see it.

If the rumors about Bruce Jenner are true the
governement should pay for his sex reassignment
surgery. Why you ask? To help the president and
thus help our country and ourselves. Still leery?
We’ll explain.

When Jenner has surgery he will be a woman and
will no longer need her balls. Since Obama doesn’t
have any, these could be transplanted as soon as
they become available.

Problem solved. No more pre-pubescent hissy fits
when things don’t go his way or passing the buck
when they do. It may even let Bush off the hook.
With kahonas for the first time in his life Obama
might man up and admit his mistakes.

Another, which we have mentioned before, is
political correctness. It should go the way of the
buggy whip, has gotten totally out of hand, and
serves no useful purpose. We should bring back
personal accountability, common sense, and curtesy.

Instead of protesting for imagined rights, suing
those who disagree for hurt feelings, or demanding
laws be changed to help one small sub-set, ALL
Americans should be working together to unite our
country. We hope it’s not too late.

Any misspelling, bad grammer, and/or factual
inaccuracies were inserted into this post for those
who look for such things. No need to thank us.
Comments are always welcome.


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  1. This was a FANTASTIC read, I loved it, keep up the Cruisin’ and May God Bless you Richly >////>

  2. Just had to reblog this…it is exactly how I feel about this administration and all those cronies and puppets on the hill >////>

  3. Reblogged this on Zealous For My King and commented:
    My sentiments EXACTLY!!!

  4. Thanks for the follow 😉

  5. cruisin2 says:

    thank you for following this blog and the kind words.

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