Almost a disaster

Yesterday the wife and I were hungry for deep
fried breaded tenderloins and fresh french fries,
and no, I can’t say that three time really fast.


I pulled out the sorry looking, but clean where it
counts, appliance out commenting that the cooker
had been in the cupboard of this house since the
1960s and still worked great.

After adding oil in the cooker it was plugged in
and a half hour later the oil had reached…..
room temperature and wasn’t getting any warmer. By
that time the tenderloins and fries were prepared for
their baptism by grease and my stomach was awaiting
for the finished product.

Through a series of tests it was discovered that
the old cooker was now ready for burial and we
would have to find a different means of acquiring
our meal. Not ready to give in and go to McDonalds’
yet, I upended the broken appliance pouring the oil
into a regular cooking pot.

After waiting what was deemed an appropriate heat
up time and after the wife’s refusal to stick her
finger in the oil to see if it was ready we began
to make our meal.

Using the basket from the broken fryer the french
fries were finally lowered into hot oil and our
meal was almost ready. After the fries were done we
put meat to oil and quickly had golden brown pork
tenderloins to put on a bun.

When all was said and done it was one of best
tenderloins I’ve had. After throwing enough salt on
the fries they were also pretty good. So even
though no cattle was harmed in the making of our
meal, we had to go to plan C to prepare it, and the
malfunction left a lot more things to be cleaned,
we declared it a success.

We also went out and bought a new deep fryer today
and will christen it “Betty” before the burial of
the predecessor. Now, for some reason, I’m hungry
for a tenderloin.
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2 Responses to Almost a disaster

  1. Pete says:

    You started a rumble in my stomach for some ‘great’, bad for the health deep fried food…. only difference for me it would be beer battered Alaska Pike or Halibut!

  2. cruisin2 says:

    now I’m drooling.

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