One plate or two?


If you have a hot rod, muscle car, collector car,
or antique car and live in Iowa you should be aware
of H.B. 540. This bill has been approved by the
House Transportation Committee and will be up for
vote in the full Iowa House of Representatives

H.B. 540 would require only a back license plate
for vehicles in Iowa. Since some older vehicles
never had mounting holes for front plates this bill
could save you a ticket and the state would save
money making one plate instead of two.

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) has a list of the
email addresses for House members so we can email
them to ask them to pass this bill. We think it is
about time for this to happen.

Some have disobeyed the current two plate with
varying degrees of success but it would be one less
thing to worry about. And on fat fendered cars the
front end looks so much better without a plate. So
if this bill makes sense to you please send an
email to House members. They don’t know the level
of support there is for this if we don’t let them
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2 Responses to One plate or two?

  1. desertrat31 says:

    Here in California you are supposed to run two plates also. However, I have never mounted the front plate on my 12 Challenger. If/When I get pulled over I’m going to attempt to use the excuse that the front bumper has no mounting attachment or holes, and I never received any mounting hardware from the dealer.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I think the police don’t pay that much attention to front plates anyway. We had a car club plate on the front of our ’40 Plymouth for years before we sold it and never got stopped.

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