The Iowa gun dance


Here on the east coast of Iowa some think it is
big news that our lawmakers may pass a bill making
it legal to use suppressors on our firearms. But we
think the bigger news is the bill stopped in the
senate that would have made permits to carry and
permits to purchase private information. Currently
said information is public in Iowa.

If I had either permit, what business of yours
would that be? If I have firearms, why do you need
to know provided they are legally obtained? This is
not a safety issue it is a control issue.

We may or may not have firearms in our home and
that may or not include sidearms and long guns but
it is none of your business. Please don’t insult
our intelligence and try to tell us this for your
safety, to save one child, or any other current
anti-gun rhetoric.

More people were killed last year with hammers
than with the dreaded assault rifles but I won’t
tell you if I own any hammers either. If you really
want to make our country safer, figure a way to get
guns out of the hands of criminals and leave the
law abiding citizens alone.
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2 Responses to The Iowa gun dance

  1. nitrous55 says:

    We have busy bodies that want to know everything about everyone else…and then complain about what they do. It gets bad when they decide to run for office.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    well said. Wish we had an answer.

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