Pig charging


Have you ever eaten a large pizza, drank a can of
Coke, and then laid down and went to sleep? Well
I can tell you from experience that may cause
weird dreams.

After eating said pizza, drinking said coke, and
falling asleep I dreamt I woke up with an urge to
rush to WalMart and buy a pig charger. The pig was
acting a little sluggish so I figured the battery
was low.

I had no problems back in the automotive
department. When told I needed a pig charger the
clerk just asked how big my pig was. 100 pounds I
answered and the clerk recommended a charger he
thought was up to the job. He also warned not to
charge the pig longer than 2 hours or the pig’s
eyes would glow in the dark.

The problem started when I got to the register to
pay for my purchase. It was then I realized that I
had left the house in sweat pants, a tee shirt and
house slippers. When I reached into the pocket of
the pants I pulled out cash that had chocolate
pudding on it.

The cashier refused to take money covered in
chocolate pudding! I argued it was still money to
no avail and left without my pig charger but with
my pudding covered cash.

Is there a moral to this story? Well I guess it
would be that if eat pizza and drink coke before
you go to bed, put your money in your other pocket.
Oh yeah, and if you mention the dream to your wife
she might think you’re crazy.
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2 Responses to Pig charging

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    We should all have pudding in our pockets. We would be a lot richer for it.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    you may be on to something. If I had it to dream over I’d wish for a baggie to put it in though.

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