Some Navy news

We failed to mention that yesterday was the 100th
birthday of the USNR or United States Navy Reserve.
From its first day until 2005 the USNR was known
as the United States Naval Reserve and has been
deployed to fight in WWI, WWII, the Korean War,
the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, Operation
Enduring Freedom, the Iraq War, and Operation Iraqi
Freedom. The USNR is around 109,000 strong today.

Since we’re late with that one we’ll mention the
upcoming Navy Weeks soon to start around our
country. In case you don’t know, Navy Weeks are an
outreach of equipment and personnel to a area that
doesn’t usually have a Navy presence to bring the
Navy closer to the people it protects.

The first Navy Week this year is April 27-May 3 in
Shreveport, Louisiana and the last is October 26-
November 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. Here on the west
coast of Illinois and the east coast of Iowa, the
Quad Cities Navy Week will be May 4-10 and will
coincide with the Quad-Cities Air Show.

To see what’s scheduled for the Quad Cities, go to
Navy Outreach, or you can get schedules for different

Other dates and cities are May 25-31 in Rhode
Island, June 1-7 in Rockford, Illinois, July 13-19
in Cheyenne, Wyoming, July 20-26 in Fargo, North
Dakota, August 10-14 in Indianapolis, Indiana,
August 17-23 in Kansas City Missouri, August 24-30
in Detroit, Michigan, September 7-13 in Salt Lake
City, Utah, and September 21-27 in Oklahoma City,

Now I’m hungry for some green eggs and ham. Just
remember: NAVY stands for Never Again Volunteer
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