Weekend thoughts

February 20, 2015


We watch a lot of car related TV shows and never
thought one of these would make us think of the
condition our country is in. We think Danny Koker
of ‘Counting Cars’ does a decent job of doing just

Locally the 46th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show will
start tomorrow.


This weekend is also the Carquest NHRA Nationals
in Phoenix, Arizona where Jenna Haddock is eligible
to race Top Fuel class for Rookie of the Year.

Kurt Busch will not be in the Daytona 500 as he
was suspended by NASCAR for an alleged domestic

And we still wonder about ethanol. How is it that the
.02% of our population who profit from ethanol get
to tell the other 99.98% we have to buy their

Back to events, Saturday night NBC Sports will air
2.5 hours of the Kissimmee auction.


Here’s some music that’s a little different. The
Six String Soldiers at the 30th Annual Joe Val
Bluegrass Festival.

There you have everything from goats to singing
soldiers. If we forgot anything it wasn’t intentional
and if called on it already have a patsy lined up
to take the fall.
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Amazing kids

February 19, 2015

Do you remember Louis and Temple Abernathy? At the
turn of the 20th century they were known as the
Abernathy kids? Still nothing? Here’s their story.

The brothers first made news in 1909 when they
traveled from Oklahoma to Sante Fe, New Mexico, and
back on horses by themselves. No adults, no road
maps, no GPS. They were 8 and 5 years old at the


The kids then rode off to New York City, alone, to
be in a parade with Teddy Roosevelt! While in New
York City, the Brush Motor Car Company “sold” the
boys a car which they drove back to Oklahoma City,
alone at age 9 and 6. No Motor Club, no ride along
mechanic, just two boys with a dream.

Shortly after arriving back home the boys were
offered $10,000 if they could ride across the USA
in 60 days. They made it in 62 days, lost the
money, but were celebrities of the day.

They stayed close to home for a few years, then
went from Oklahoma to New York City and back on an
Indian motorcycle. After which they gave up their
endurance runs and publicity stunts, grew up, and
became successful men. One as an oil man and the
other as a lawyer. Both lived into their 80s.

Their father, Jack Abernathy of Frederick,
Oklahoma could catch wolves with his bare hands.
This strange ability caught the ear of President
Teddy Roosevelt who met, and went on a successful
wolf hunt with Mr. Abernathy. Later Roosevelt
appointed Jack to the position of U.S. Marshall.

Books were written about the boys adventures; Bud
and Me, and Meeting Roosevelt to name a couple.
That is why we believe the Abernathy brothers were
amazing boys.
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The stand

February 18, 2015


We’ve been a little confused since hearing the
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has been
receiving hate mail after taking a stand on street

With the popularity of the “Street Outlaws” show
and the expanding scope of said show, recently
NHRA members have been racing the shows stars on the
street. NHRA sent these members a letter stating
if they didn’t stop racing on the show, which
glorifies street racing, the offenders racing
license would be suspended.

The NHRA was founded in the 1950s to give illegal
street racers a legal option and to remove the
black eye the street racers gave the hobby. NHRA
even went so far as to start a “Safety Safari” to
get the message out to car clubs and others.

The Safety Safari taught how to conduct fair races
with safety as a main concern with the intent of
giving car enthusiasts a safe place to race. The
NHRA goes so far as to call licensed racers
ambassadors of safe racing.

So we are surprised by the people who are
surprised that the NHRA came down heavy on members
who street race with cars adorned with the NHRA
logo. Our hobby has benefited from this groups
efforts and we support their stance on this issue.
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Day is done

February 17, 2015

We went to my cousin’s funeral services today and
had a short visit with the owner of the mortuary
too. We met family we haven’t seen in years and
people we’ve never met.

What always strikes me odd is the little box that
holds the cremains in the front of the room. For
some reason it doesn’t feel the same as having a
casket front and center even though both are
technically boxes.

But there was a good turnout for a workday service
and the preacher gave an alright send off. Guess a
person can’t ask for than that. We never know when
our times up so hug a loved one and if you can’t
hug them and they’re still alive, give them a call
to let them know you were thinking about them.

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Not the real deal

February 16, 2015


If you received notices that it is Special
Education Week & Autism and ADHD Awareness month,
you have been misled. We’re not sure why someone
would pull a hoax like this, but it is a hoax.

As of 2010 the Office of Special Education
Programs at the U.S. Department of Education knew
of no such animal. There may be something on a
state or local level, but there is nothing found on
a national level.

It is also not Autism Awareness Month or ADHD
Month although both do exist. Autism Awareness
Month occurs each April, and ADHD Awareness Month
takes place in October.

All that being said, there is nothing wrong with
honoring the children who struggle. Just remember
to also do it during the correct times.

So if you come across something that asks you to
share, or post something on your Facebook page
just be aware that even though you have good
intentions, this is not the real deal.

More information can be found at Hoax-Slayer.
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Strange days

February 13, 2015


This has been a week that makes me think I know
what Alice would feel like in Wonderland if she
fell into a traversable wormhole while there.

It ramped up Wednesday morning when I received a
phone call about the death of my cousin. He was in
a Hospice after time in the hospital and the
prognosis wasn’t good.

Then Dad called last night and I wondered who else
had passed away. But it turned out his furnace had
quit working and he wanted some advice. After a
few questions the potential problem was discovered,
and fixed.

Later last night, sitting at our computer, I began
to hear strange noises. On a political site the
audio of a Tide laundry detergent commercial
suddenly sang the praises of whiter whites.

Knowing the radio was turned off I admit to being
baffled. Then an old big band song started playing
and I swiveled the chair around to look at the
radio, which was off!

I don’t normally put much stock in ghosts or
spirits, but for some reason and a strange feeling,
I said “Mom?”. There was no other explanation for
what was happening, or so I believed.

Using my brain for something other than a hat
rack I investigated the strange occurrence. And I
found the answer. It wasn’t Mom speaking from
beyond the grave although it was an oddly calming
thought. It wasn’t even restless spirits talking
through the switched off radio.

Turns out I had watched a video earlier and forgot
to turn the sound off on the computer. It was an
advertisement for an Oldies Radio CD that could be
had for reasonable amount!

I so glad I was alone and nobody took a video, but
for some reason it left a smile on my face.
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Sometimes we wonder

February 12, 2015


A friend shared an article that pushed my buttons.
It was on the ABC News website and talked
of how and Iowa widow had around $19,000
seized from her account because it wasn’t deposited

Because of a law that doesn’t allow large sums
of money to be deposited in amounts less than
$10,000 this poor woman is a criminal. This is to
help investigators track large sums of cash tied
to criminal activity they say. But has it gotten
out of hand?

In seven years the IRS seized $242 million, a
third simply because less than $10,000 was
deposited. About half was returned after those
who lost the money challenged the IRS.

So if I had $20,000 and deposited it in 4 banks
I would be a criminal, but if I deposited it in
2 banks I would be a pillar of the community? How
crazy is that! If it’s my money I should be able
to put what I want where I want without fear of

The picture is a poster done by David Mann.
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