Amazing kids

Do you remember Louis and Temple Abernathy? At the
turn of the 20th century they were known as the
Abernathy kids? Still nothing? Here’s their story.

The brothers first made news in 1909 when they
traveled from Oklahoma to Sante Fe, New Mexico, and
back on horses by themselves. No adults, no road
maps, no GPS. They were 8 and 5 years old at the


The kids then rode off to New York City, alone, to
be in a parade with Teddy Roosevelt! While in New
York City, the Brush Motor Car Company “sold” the
boys a car which they drove back to Oklahoma City,
alone at age 9 and 6. No Motor Club, no ride along
mechanic, just two boys with a dream.

Shortly after arriving back home the boys were
offered $10,000 if they could ride across the USA
in 60 days. They made it in 62 days, lost the
money, but were celebrities of the day.

They stayed close to home for a few years, then
went from Oklahoma to New York City and back on an
Indian motorcycle. After which they gave up their
endurance runs and publicity stunts, grew up, and
became successful men. One as an oil man and the
other as a lawyer. Both lived into their 80s.

Their father, Jack Abernathy of Frederick,
Oklahoma could catch wolves with his bare hands.
This strange ability caught the ear of President
Teddy Roosevelt who met, and went on a successful
wolf hunt with Mr. Abernathy. Later Roosevelt
appointed Jack to the position of U.S. Marshall.

Books were written about the boys adventures; Bud
and Me, and Meeting Roosevelt to name a couple.
That is why we believe the Abernathy brothers were
amazing boys.
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2 Responses to Amazing kids

  1. Dale Gilmour says:

    If our kids had done that, we would have been arrested for child abuse.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Dale Gilmour,
    or car theft.

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