Strange days


This has been a week that makes me think I know
what Alice would feel like in Wonderland if she
fell into a traversable wormhole while there.

It ramped up Wednesday morning when I received a
phone call about the death of my cousin. He was in
a Hospice after time in the hospital and the
prognosis wasn’t good.

Then Dad called last night and I wondered who else
had passed away. But it turned out his furnace had
quit working and he wanted some advice. After a
few questions the potential problem was discovered,
and fixed.

Later last night, sitting at our computer, I began
to hear strange noises. On a political site the
audio of a Tide laundry detergent commercial
suddenly sang the praises of whiter whites.

Knowing the radio was turned off I admit to being
baffled. Then an old big band song started playing
and I swiveled the chair around to look at the
radio, which was off!

I don’t normally put much stock in ghosts or
spirits, but for some reason and a strange feeling,
I said “Mom?”. There was no other explanation for
what was happening, or so I believed.

Using my brain for something other than a hat
rack I investigated the strange occurrence. And I
found the answer. It wasn’t Mom speaking from
beyond the grave although it was an oddly calming
thought. It wasn’t even restless spirits talking
through the switched off radio.

Turns out I had watched a video earlier and forgot
to turn the sound off on the computer. It was an
advertisement for an Oldies Radio CD that could be
had for reasonable amount!

I so glad I was alone and nobody took a video, but
for some reason it left a smile on my face.
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2 Responses to Strange days

  1. ekurie says:

    I have days like that. I am very sorry about your cousin.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I’m just glad I don’t have days like that often. Thank you, we knew
    he was in bad shape but the news still surprised us.

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