Sharp looking classic

In yesterdays post we mentioned that Panhard &
Levassor pioneered the front engine, rear wheel
drive, mid mounted transmission layout still in use

So we thought to mention a model that the company
introduced to the world at the 1936 Paris Motor
Show. In 1936 the company replaced their CS model
with the Panhard et Levassor Dynamic.


As shown in the 1936 model in the above picture,
the car had features that were later added to other
manufacturers vehicles in later years. Produced
from 1936-1940, 2,742 were built in four different
configurations. The 2-door coupe, the 2-door
cabriolet, the 4-door saloon, and the 4-door
“6-light” saloon.

These vehicles had a monocoque construction which
didn’t require a separate frame. The headlights
were mounted in the front fenders, it had a 3 piece
windshield, 3 windshield wipers, partially
covered wheel arches, independent front suspension,
and a center mounted steering wheel.

The “6-light” saloon that came out in the fall of
1937 could seat 9 people, and in 1939 the steering
wheel moved to the side as was the norm. These were
luxury cars that sold for 22,500 Francs in 1936.

The Panhard et Levassor Dynamic had three models;
the 130, the 140, and the 160. All had six
cylinder engines starting with the 130, named for
its top speed, which was 130 km/h. The 140 proved
to be the most popular model and was the last
production sleeve-valve engined car made. The 160
was the top of the line and after having the
steering moved to a more conventional location it
was dubbed the X80.

We do wonder how the car would have evolved if it
had survived and was still built today. Chrysler
had the Airflow, France had these.
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