Thumping Thursday

While cruising the information highway we found
the following tidbits and wish to share them with
you. Turn the speakers up and listen to gearhead

Stacey David really gets a kick out of tooling
around on a V-8 barstool. Some say it should be
illegal to have this much fun while getting paid
for it, we think he’s got it made.

Something a little different is the Redneck Go
Cart. Part car, part John Deere, and all strange.
A little too much work to start but the smiles per
mile make up for that.

Something even more different is the following
that should explain why the WWII Corsair was called
‘Whistling Death’. It does have a unique sound.

We’ve run this one before but we can’t help
ourselves. There’s something about a V-12 powered
Massey Ferguson tractor pulling a snow-blower
through Norway that gets us going.

Not about engines, we still like this one. It is
about Bob Munden, the fastest shooter in the world.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about
Matchbox cars here is a video from 1965 to tell you
more about the toys.

That’s everything we learned from noise to toys.
Don’t send money or thank us, just enjoy.
Comments are always welcome.


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