Looking back for the future

Remember what you were doing in December of 1968?
We can’t even remember what we had for supper last
night, but what happened that December made the
cover of magazines, was reported on the news, and
excited our country.

You may remember Apollo 8 and the crew of Frank
Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders, and the
day they first saw Earthrise. While orbiting the
moon they saw, and photographed, the Earth rising
on the Moon.

The crew even managed to get color photographs and
the event was released on video in 2013 in honor of
the 45th anniversary of the event. So if you’re old
enough not to remember, or too young to grasp the
importance of it, here is that video.

The friend who shared it described the video as
‘awesome’, after we watched it all we could say is
‘wow’, and we’re sharing it with you to make your
sound effects.
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