Losses and gains


A friend shared a list of 10 things that will
disappear in our lifetime and if you haven’t seen
the list we’ll share it along with our feelings on
the choices.

1. the Post Office. We believe the closing is
inevitable. It’s been bleeding money for years and
has too many competitors to remain relevant.

2. the check. With electronic payments to and
withdrawals from ‘checking’ accounts’ this is only
a matter of time.

3. the newspaper. The younger generation doesn’t
read it and online papers are charging to get the
news we get on TV for free. While I don’t see them
completely disappearing in my lifetime, newspapers
are on the way out.

4. the book. E-books are generally cheaper and just
as much fun to read once you get used to flicking
your finger to turn the page. I still think there
will be a market for books past my lifetime though.

5. the land-line telephone. Almost everyone has a
cell-phone today and if costs keep rising, we can
foresee the extinction of the land-line phone.

6. music. The claim here is that a lack of
innovative new music will be the downfall and not
illegal downloading. It may suffer a stroke, but it
will snap back.

7. Television revenues. Yes the revenues are down,
people are streaming media on their computers,
cable and satellite costs are up, and commercials
cut into programming every 4 minutes but we
believe that some form of tV will outlive us.

8. the ‘things’ we own on our computers. Documents,
music, movies, songs, and pictures we now save on
our hard drive will be in the ‘cloud’. Windows,
Google, and the Mac OS will use the cloud for
storage. We don’t see this as a big deal as we feel
that once something is online it is no longer our
exclusive property.

9. Cursive writing. Along with this we could add
paper, pencils, and pens because if nobody is
writing the need would disappear as fast as a
liberal at a gun show.

10. Privacy. With all the security cameras, traffic
cameras, computer apps, and bar codes, we have no
privacy now. It may be wise to curb the urge to
scratch your itch unless you’d like to watch the
event on someone’s online video.

What we won’t lose is our faith, love of family,
belief in God, and our guns. They cannot take away
our patriotism, memories, and knowledge we have
gained during life’s journey. And as long as we
keep these, we still win.
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3 Responses to Losses and gains

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  2. Re #7 Seemed there were 3 minutes of ads for every 1 minute of play in yesterday’s Super Bowl. I turned it off after first quarter. Seems a lot of plant and animal species are disappearing and due to global warming so is land. Thanks visit my blog.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Losses and gains,
    thanks for sharing.

    Carl D’Agostino,
    I know the feeling. I have enjoyed your cartoons for a while now and
    will stop back.

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