Wicked Wednesday

Even though it’s almost over we’d like to share
some things we found today while cruising the
information highway.

Still got cabin fever? How about listening to the
best muscle car sounds of 2014? Yes we can look at
the cars too.

How not to lose a drag race. I’m guessing someone
forgot something.

If you remember the movie ‘League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen’, you remember Captain Nemo’s Nautilus
car. And if you always wanted a better look, here
is the video for you.

Think criminals are smart? Here’s one who’s trying
to outrun the police in a Smart Car! I can’t make
these things up.

Just because you can’t take the country out of boy
here comes a John Deere tribute video.

For our song we have something a little different.
A little preview of “Sweet Dreams and Honky Tonks”
that will be at the Central Performing Arts Center,
519 East 11th Street, DeWitt, Iowa on February 15.

If this sounds like something you’d like to see go
here for ticket information.

We’ll even throw in a movie. This one should be a
cult classic by now and was so popular almost
nobody has heard of it. Enjoy ‘Drag Racer 1971’.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday.
Comments are always welcome.


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