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Think much about spinels? No, not the transparent
red spinels called rubies before the end of the
18th century. Nor the natural white spinel or any
of the naturally occurring magnesium aluminate now
know as spinel.

The spinel we speak of is man made, trademarked,
and just may help automakers meet the emission
standards of the future while replacing rare earth
metals in catalytic converters.

The catalytic converter basically takes high
tempurature exhaust and grabs some oxygen out of
the NOx and turns it into nitrogen then the trapped
oxygen attaches to CO and hydrocarbons turning them
into CO2 and water.

The technology is easily explained by anyone who has
a basic knowledge of the sciences. Unfortunately,
that isn’t me.

But as we understand it the problem is twofold:
emission standards are going to get a lot tougher,
and engines using turbos for power rob the exhaust
of some of the energy needed for the current
catalytic converters to work.

So, in 5 to 7 years the Tier III Bin 30 will
require an 80% drop in NOx tailpipe emissions. To
use more rare earth metals (platinum) to solve the
problem is too costly. The spinel technology can
lower the emissions for a lot less.

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc is the company
behind the nano-structured spinel material and are
predicting it will be ready in less than 5 years.

So that means we will be able to produce the part
for less, cut emissions by at least 80%, and keep
all the high performace goodies we’ve become
accustomed to. It doesn’t get much better than
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