A crying shame

Sometimes while cruising the information highway
we come across an odd story. We feel the following
tale falls into that category.

Perusing some newsletters we came upon a headline
that stated ‘Baby Mauled By Ferrets While Mother in
Another Room’. Well that just begged a bunch of

Who lets ferrets run around a month old baby and
isn’t physically in the room while it happens? Why
did both parents leave the baby alone long enough
for something this horrendous to happen? And many

After watching this video we had some answers.

There are five children in the house along with
the three ferrets, an unspecified number of cats,
and both parents. The child will need many
surgeries to correct the damage done by the
critters, police want to charge the parents,
and the children are in the custody of

Now, after five children, it seems like a funny time
to step in and say the parents can’t take care of
their kids. Yes something terrible happened, but
who is to blame? The parents, the welfare system,
our politically correct society, or someone else?
It’s a crying shame.
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