Got distracted Friday


Did you know it is National Pie Day today? When I
first started this post I didn’t either, but with a
little luck found a pie to devour in honor of the

According to the label there were 8 servings in
the pie but rather than waste time it was devoured
by yours truly in one sitting.

This weekend brings in the indoor car show to the
QCCA Expo Center here, and the Grand National
Roadster Show out west.

From our ‘Just Because He Can’ department comes
this video about a mechanic who built a drivable
upside down truck.

From our ‘Just plain strange’ department we offer
this really short video. It will take you longer to
read this than it will to watch the human

Our ‘Have to see it to believe it’ department
donated this video that you have to, well…

The ‘crystal ball’ department thinks this video
fit the bill. We don’t know, but we like all
things with wheels and engines.

This video of an octet of dancers is included
because the wife shared it and I’m still trying to
figure it out.

Included because I thought it was cool is this
video which shows a different take on sculptures.
These things seem alive.

Finally, as we usually add a song, we have
something different here too. John Wayne telling
us the history of “Taps”.

And now that we’ve finished this, and a pie, we’re
heading to the kitchen to make some more coffee.
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2 Responses to Got distracted Friday

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I love a good pizza pie! 😀

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I like them so much I just finished another as a late night snack.

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