She told me so


The wife told me the toilet was leaking. I entered
the bathroom, lifted the lid, and declared that the
the flapper was culprit. A quick trip to the hardware
store and I thought the problem was fixed.

Instead I heard ‘it’s still leaking can’t you hear
it?’ I found this a hilarious question to ask
someone who lost all hearing in one ear 30 years
ago and lived long enough to lose some hearing in
the other. My answer, of course, was ‘no I don’t
hear it leaking.’

The wife kept insisting and after a few cups of
coffee and a little thinking I decided to get my
flashlight, take the lid off, and lay the leak
rumor to rest. It did not turn out as I expected.

With the flashlight beam trained on the toilet
fill valve I quickly deduced that all hell had
broken loose inside our toilet tank. The fill valve
was split on two sides and both were washing the
side of the tank with a fine stream of water.

It reminded me, on a smaller scale, of my vision
of the water cannons the mayor wants to put along
our levee. After the wife slapped me up the side of
my head to stop the daydream I went back to the
hardware store for a fill valve.

Armed with technology I don’t understand, I got
back home with a Fluidmaster toilet fill valve and
and flexible supply line. After a cruise to the
garage for enough tools to rebuild a Y-block, I got
to work replacing the leaking valve.

And after all was said and done what did I hear
from my loving spouse? ‘I told you it was leaking’.
I’m going to have another cup of coffee.
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2 Responses to She told me so

  1. QC Ghost says:

    The outside ones don’t leak.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    true. But while I wouldn’t mind an outhouse, the neighbors would complain and the wife wouldn’t use it.

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