Are we really?


A story in the QC Times by David
Burke got us to thinking. The title of article gave
us pause as we felt it insinuated something that
isn’t necessarily true. The story, titled
“Davenport takes pride in being listed among
‘queerest’ cities”, implies the entire city is just
overjoyed with this distinction.

The comments beg otherwise. Yes, our city made the
top 10 cities on the list of queerest cities in
America. We’re don’t share your enthuasism Alderman
Boom. We have nothing against the LGBT community,
but we do feel our city doesn’t needs this ‘honor’.

Yes, the city has laws against discrimination
against LGBTs and our area could be considered a
progressive area. But if one thinks about it, why
did laws have to be passed to ban discrimination
against LGBTs if our area is so progressive?

Our area is hospitible and accepting folks from
different lifestyles, that is what the mid-west is
known for. If you want to live here you are

Because of the progressive members of our city
council, and community I’m sure that by posting
this I will be labeled a ‘homophobe’, gay hater, or
whatever the current idioms are for someone who
disagrees with a progressive viewpoint.

Take pride if you must, just don’t expect us to
join the party.
Comments are always welcome.


5 Responses to Are we really?

  1. nitrous55 says:

    I doubt Pridefest is as open as they say. Just cuz some rag says we are the queerest, is not going to bring in or keep people out.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I have no idea if the Pridefest is open or not and do believe this
    distinction won’t affect us. Don’t see anybody leaving because of it,
    or booking a flight here. Another non-issue.

  3. QC Ghost says:

    I’ve always wondered why Viagra and other similar medications didn’t aim their advertising at gay men; for example two dudes in those bathtubs, etc. Logically, for the price of one commercial, Viagra would reach double the customers, right? But then, maybe it’s only a woman that can render a man impotent.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    last time we checked less than 2% of Americans were gay and that
    might not pull in enough cash. Your idea does sound plausible though.

  5. nitrous55 says:

    Do we really want outsiders visiting Davenport? After all, global warming/cooling/climate change is real. Just ask Owl Gore and Ted Danson.

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