Is the circus coming back?


We heard that the Davenport Promise is being
discussed again, even though it was voted down
the last time around. Didn’t we hear our own
president say he wants free community college for
all recently?

If so, what would be the need for the promise.
Wouldn’t that dictate waiting until a decision is
made? Or would parents get the money anyway to
send their children to a free school?

Davenport has a few things that many might not
think of. Our median age for residents is
significantly below the state average, our foreign
born population percentage is above state average,
and the length of stay since moving is also
significantly below state average to name a few.

We also made some lists. We were #27 on the list of
the top 101 larger cities with highest real estate
taxes percentage in 2005.

We were #30 on the list of the top 101 cities with
the largest percentage of people in hospitals/wards
and hospices for chronically ill.

We were #16 on the list of the top 101 counties
with the highest particulate matter.

We were #41 on the list of the top 101 cities with
the largest percentage of people in halfway houses.

And we were #51 on the list of the top 101 cities
with the largest percentage of people in state

Some will argue these figures, and that’s fine.
We got them from city-data.

We voted no on the Promise last time and will do
it again given the chance. We feel there are more
important issues that should be addressed before
the Promise.
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6 Responses to Is the circus coming back?

  1. nitrous55 says:

    All those professors going to teach for free? Oh, that’s right. Free means someone else pays. This goes through, tuition goes up and we see Scott’s campus gets torn down and rebuilt.

  2. Dale Gilmour says:

    If Obama gets free community college for all, what will the four year colleges do? Some believe the guarantee of a free college education will bring people to Davenport, and it probably will. The reason enrollment in grades K-12 is dropping is because of the economy. Don’t believe me? If you are over 50, how many brothers and sisters do you have. Now, how may children do you have, and how many children do your children have. Most people can’t afford to have large families anymore. Enrollment at St. Paul’s and Assumption isn’t dropping. I believe that is for two reasons. First, Catholics tend to have more children, and second, many non Catholics are choosing to send their kids to private schools because they don’t like the crap that is being taught in the public schools.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    free for those who use the tuition not all who live here.

    Dale Gilmour,
    I remember Catholic school. Public schools should be worried about the crap they’re teaching or enrollment will just keep dropping.

  4. nitrous55 says:

    Dale, the four year colleges will do the same as when Pell Grants showed up. Raise tuition and spend it on a rock climbing wall.

  5. bill edmond says:

    I do not support revisiting the Davenport Promise and I have made that known in discussions.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    I heard not everybody was on board with the idea and thought you
    would be one those against it. Please keep up the good work.

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