Busy thoughts


We’ve been busy removing the white winter love
from above today. Some might say we were hammered,
but it really wasn’t much more than a dusting.

Early Monday afternoon we go to see my doctor, and
if things turn out all right, I should once again
be deemed normal. I had some tests done in the
hospital the first part of December and won’t learn
the results until the appointment.

People who know me know that doctors aren’t very
high up on my love list. The ER experience is sure
proof of why. I do not like being talked down to by
anyone, and when told I need a test I don’t like
silly answers.

In this case, when I asked why I needed another
expensive test, the 100-year-old ER doctor answered
with “it could be nothing or it could be cancer”.
Gee thanks for clearing that up.

It just hasn’t been worth the hassle trying to
get an answer from the hospital so tomorrow we
hope to be informed about the results. Of
course my blood pressure will be high because I
get antsy in the doctor’s office, but we’ll see.

At any rate, I’m going to get some sleep. In this
winter weather please keep the shiny side up and
keep warm.
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