Drags, ice storms, burnouts, and more

The weather was good for the Hangover Fest
2015 at Cordova International Raceway. New Year’s
Day even featured a tV broadcast of the 2014 IHRA
Nitro Jam Summer Nationals filmed at the strip.

The weather may not be so co-operative this week
end however as freezing rain, sleet, and snow are
in our forecast. Rather than re-blog the post again,
we will put this link that tells all about how to
prepare for a winter ice/snow storm.

If you haven’t heard of the Summernats Burnout
Masters perhaps it’s time you did. The Burnout
Blitz is held at the Perth Motorplex and has some
pretty big prize money on the line. Here is a video
of the event.

An oldie, but a goodie, is the International
burnout from 2008.

For us country boys, the International burnout
video is not to be confused with Joes 560
International burnout video.

And that shouldn’t be confused with International
burnout video of 2013.

That should at least get you thinking about your
hot rod. We’ll close with a reminder that the Retro
Rewind is coming up on January 10th, 2015 in
Dubuque, Iowa. Cars, guitars, pin-ups, bikes,
movies, and fun.


Just remember to keep the shiny side up, and drive
no faster than your guardian angel can fly.
Comments are always welcome.


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