We survived…

another Christmas. We gave gifts, I spent some
time with my family as the wife had to work,
talked to our son on the phone, and we received
gifts. We were also thankful we got to spend
another Christmas with our families.


Even hearing of the protesters/rioters saying they
weren’t going to give the police Christmas off
couldn’t dampen our spirits. It seemed almost

Thanks to all who called to wish us the best,
those who wished us well in person, and those who
sent cards and emails with heartfelt messages.

I did learn that if I’m ever in the emergency room
again, I won’t mention it to anyone. People must
think an ER visit is a reason to show sympathy and
be condescending.

All that being said, we are looking forward to the
coming year. While we do live today we see no
problem with looking to the future. After all,
without plans that have to be changed, there would
be no need for high blood pressure medication.

We hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours,
and if wasn’t we hope you at least had a sense of
humor about it.
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