The question


A week from tomorrow we go to the polls to vote
for the candidates of our choosing and let our
voice be heard. Regardless of political party your
only question should be ‘are we better off now?’

Our country seems more divided now than in any
time in our memory and in more ways. We are divided
by religion, race, political party, sexual
orientation, and stand on gun control. Political
correctness has made a mockery of our freedom of
speech and the truth is a stranger.

Cost of living is up while wages have stagnated
and we have more people below the poverty level.
Our schools are teaching our children what some of
us feel is unacceptable subjects.

The incumbents don’t speak of their accomplishments
but tell us what their opponents would do to make
us miserable. The opponents do say what they would
do if elected, yet they also bad mouth the

In 2013, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)
told us Obama’s budget added $1 trillion in new

Some candidates are citing income equality and the
need to make the wealthy pay when the wealthiest
10% of Americans was the only segment that saw a
rise in income. Of course income for everyone else

If you’re happy with where our country is at vote
in the incumbents, if you don’t like either party
vote independent, and if you think Republicans are
the answer vote for them. Just vote.
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2 Responses to The question

  1. We are currently in a huge hole and it is going to take all of us working together to get out of it. I find it sad that some people think that their vote doesn’t matter and decide to stay home and complain about our nations situation.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Optimistic Kid,
    sounds great to us. If we could only figure out how to get the uninterested to vote it would be even better.

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