Some people like nothing more than to smell the
roses in their garden or curl up with a good book.
Others put on their hiking boots or running shoes
and get out to exercise.

And others like to push things to limit by
jumping out of planes, or seeing how much their
bodies and/or machines can take. This post is
about the latter.

Speed Week is almost upon us and in August some of
fastest people in the world are going meet at the
Bonneville Salt Flats to see if they made their
rides faster.

The Bonneville Speedway is an area of 56,650 acres
near Wendover, Utah, that is used for racing.

Scouring the information highway we came across
some numbers concerning the event. So let’s take
a numerical cruise through this event.

550 racers are pre-registered for this year’s
Speed Week coming from 11 different countries and
39 of our 50 states on this 100th anniversary of
the event.


In 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell set a land speed
record of 301.129 in ‘Blue Bird’. A purpose built
car that weighed almost 5,000 pounds and was
powered by a supercharged V-16 Rolls-Royce airplane

In 1963 Craig Breedlove went 407.447 mph in his
‘Spirit of America’, one of the first jet-propelled
record holders.

In 1964 Art Arfons did 434.022 in his jet-
propelled ‘Green Monster’.

In 1965 Craig Breedlove came back with a new
version of ‘Spirit of America’ and did the flying
mile at 600.601 mph.

In 1967 Burt Munro (the worlds fastest Indian)
took his Indian Scout V-Twin to 183.59 mph. On
two wheels!


And finally, in 1970 Gary Gabelich took his ‘Blue
Flame’ to 622.407 mph. This was a rocket-powered

We’ll be watching this year and might see some
new speed records. Sounds relaxing to us.
Comments are always welcome.

4 Responses to Obsessions

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    The latest Goodguys mag has a story about the Salt Flats.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the update.

  3. FORDOLET says:

    I will try and get some good pictures and videos for you from there.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    thanks. It’s getting closer every day.

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