Did he?

We read a blurb about this man online.


We can neither confirm or deny the story is true,
but here is what accompanied the photo-

Lets make this piece of shit famous!
Flight from CLT to PHL, pilot asked all passengers
to stay seated to allow a family traveling with
deceased soldier to deplane first. Out of respect,
the entire plane sat still and in silence while a
woman and children, in tears, left the plane…
EXCEPT for this asshole. Four times he was asked
to sit and he never did.

So it got us thinking. If true the story makes him
sound like a real jerk. Unless he thought he was
standing out of respect, but the story doesn’t have
enough facts.

And we thought why is he pictured in an airport and
not the airplane? Was the shot taken before or after
the flight? And why isn’t a name attached to identify
the person?

Then came the question of how would one handle a
situation like this if it arose. Pound him silly in
front of a grieving military family? Get into a
screaming match in front of said family? Politely ask
him to sit down?

If it is true, did he commit a crime or was he just
an inconsiderate jerk? If it is false does he have
any recourse?

As mentioned, we don’t know if the story is fact or
fiction and cannot confirm it on our end. If it is
true he deserves a kick in the pants and if not, an
Comments are always welcome.

7 Responses to Did he?

  1. ekurie says:

    I couldn’t find this on a search so, unable to fathom this depth of disrespect I have to wonder, was he deaf? Doesn’t speak any English? Otherwise it’s the pos theory.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    you know as much as I do as the story didn’t say anything about him being deaf. Good points you make, but we may never know.

  3. James Skipnerd says:

    Why are you repeating this story if, as you admit, you have no idea whether it’s at all true? Maybe it never happened. Maybe this Brian Honeycutt sh*tbag is just made because the guy slept with his girlfriend. Maybe the guy in the photo had a vascular disease and couldn’t stay in his seat any longer. Who knows? The story seems kind of suspect — do caskets travel by commercial plane? Why were the wife and kids crying on the Charlotte->Philly leg? Did they join the casket in Charlotte, on its way back from a combat zone? Great job, republishing a story that you haven’t verified in the slightest.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    James Skpnerd,
    I repeated it because it was interesting to me. We also thought perhaps Mr. Honeycutt had an axe to grind with guy, but could find no proof of any denial either. If it was a hoax we think the guy pictured would have threatened, sued if his picture wasn’t removed,
    and used the internet to do it.
    Caskets do travel on commercial flights and all we know is what we posted.

  5. Jim Bob says:

    It seems like a hoax….and the FB page it originated on has NO sources what so ever (no airline mentioned, flight #, date, etc)..the page it originated on (Honeycutt’s) is one that belongs to a gun nut and over zealous “patriot”….being a real patriot means posting the truth, not making it up…and also verifying the real story….which this site did not..

  6. cruisin2 says:

    Jim Bob,
    we can’t say either way, just know we haven’t been able to find any more out. That is why we started with a disclaimer.

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