A TV show, fire, drifting, a movie and a song

When we watched Rebel Road last night we noticed one
of the vehicles was the prison bus featured in our
diversions yesterday. We did like the show but it
left us scratching our head over a couple of things.

The show is about four rod shops building a rat rod
to compete in a car show called a rumble. We thought
that two of the four vehicles weren’t technically rat
rods. Then there’s the fact that the prison bus had
billet wheels. Strange way to build a rat.

We’ve always know that gearheads are resourceful and
that begs the question “how does a gearhead start a
fire without matches?” Here are two different

If you have to one of the Torque Fests you have seen
this Willys. It is the only one we know of powered by
an air-cooled Deutz diesel engine.

The following is one of strangest drifting videos
we’ve seen. I didn’t know big trucks could move like

We’ll even throw in a movie. Remember “Drag Strip
Riot!”? Yes, a true classic teenagers gone wild movie
from the fifties.

Our featured song was released in November of 1950.
Red Foley sings of a race between a Ford and a
Mercury and it was considered by some to be the first
rock and roll song.

Arkie Shibley and his Mountain Dew Boys recorded it
in 1951 and it stayed on the charts for seven weeks,
peaking at #5. And eastern radio stations refused to
play it because they considered it Western swing.

Our prayers go out to all those affected by the
recent severe weather.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to A TV show, fire, drifting, a movie and a song

  1. Brittius says:

    How can anyone have a prison bus without fender skirts?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I knew something was missing.

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