It’s official


They have gone too far. Did you know that under Iowa
law you are committing a criminal act if you teach
your child or grandchild to shoot a defensive handgun
if they are under the age of 14?

Ask 8 year old Natalie. Recently both she and
her father were kicked off a gun range because she
was firing a Walther .22 in violation of Iowa code

Her father claims his wife and himself had been
training their daughters to shoot for years and when
they go to a range his two daughters will fire almost
1,000 rounds through the Walther.

The Iowa Gun Owners are asking that we contact
Representative Clel Baudler and others who won’t
repeal this section of our state law and tell them
we are not happy campers.

Go here to learn what we can do to
help, see a video of the girls asking Representative
Baudler to let them shoot, and to learn more of what
is being done to our Constitutional rights.

We wonder why the government can force our children
to listen to propaganda in their schools at this age
but not be taught firearm safety and use. We have to
stop the nonsense.
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8 Responses to It’s official

  1. ekurie says:

    Wow… my dad taught me to shoot a .22 Walther target rifle when I was 9. In fact he’d brought it over from W. Germany. In addition, he and some friends started the Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Range where he taught me. At least their kids will know how invasive and stupid the government has become.

  2. So with you. We can threatened with terrorism and extremist threats to kill, but you can’t defend against such events. The world is going mad!

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog.

    neat story. Looks like the younger generation isn’t going to enjoy anything we did as kids.

    One man and his Mustang,
    It already got there my friend.

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  5. Grumpa Joe says:

    Truly the dumbing down of America one state at a time.

  6. Grumpa Joe says:

    Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    I guess RAGBRAI riders don’t have to worry about adolescent snipers anymore.

  7. cruisin2 says:

    Give Me Liberty,
    thank you.

    Grumpa Joe,
    we sometimes think that there are those among who don’t need the
    dumbing down. It feels like we all fell down the rabbit hole.

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