Tweaking the tweel

Some time ago we did a post about about a strange
new tire Michelin was working on. Some call it a
tweel, or perhaps even a Whire, but it combines the
wheel and tire into one component.

This new tire has no need for air valves, or air
for that matter, and cannot be punctured.


We believe these tires would take some getting used
to as they look almost invisible going down the

The prototype is within 5% of the rolling
resistance of a current pneumatic tire which could
mean that it would be within 1% of the fuel
economy of a conventional tire.

Having been around for almost a decade, the tweel
tires can be seen on the Segway Concept Centaur,
skid steer loaders, and even the military is looking
into them.

It must be working because Bridgestone and other
tire companies are also working with the idea. No
matter what you call it, there should be a market
for a tire that never goes flat.

And if you hadn’t heard of this before you have
now. I was asked if I would put a set on my car and
replied more information was needed. The big issues
with us would be cost and ride quality.
Thanks ET.


We may be doing a guest post soon from someone who
we think has a new twist on an old problem. When we
do it will be in their own words.
Comments are always welcome.

7 Responses to Tweaking the tweel

  1. Brittius says:

    Guest post? Dandy Don..?

  2. Morguie says:

    I am thinking that the suspension would have to be made to compensate for the rough ride it would seemingly deliver?

  3. cruisin2 says:

    nope. A lady with a dream.

    that’s what we thought also.

  4. Outrider says:

    Michelin has done some great things in the last few years. Their Commander II motorcycle tires have the wear of a Dunlop and the grip of a Metzler.

  5. Nitrous55 says:

    I might try it if I have a LSR car. Otherwise, I’d take a regular tire with an American Racing, Weld, Centerline or Rocket wheel.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    they do make great tires.

    any of those sound good to us.

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