First time diversions

Time again for some worthless facts,
little known trivia, and things that will
be forgotten after a good nights sleep.

Once again we will speak of automobiles.

Did you know that the first official White
House car was a 1909 White Steamer that was
ordered by President Taft?


The first car referred to as a convertible
was the 1904 Thomas Flyer, and it had a
removable hard top.


The first car to place the horn button in
the center of the steering wheel was the
1915 Scripps-Booth Model C. It was also the
first car with electric door latches.


The lowest priced mass produced American
car was the 1925 Ford Model T Runabout. It
sold for $260.


The first car with both a production V-12
engine and aluminum pistons was the 1915
Packard Twin-Six.


The first time seat belts were put in a
motor vehicle was 1902 in a Baker Electric
stream-liner racer.


And finally, the 1932 Cadillac 452 was the
first car to have hydraulic valve lifters
AND the first production V-16 engine.


For those who expect it, a country song
about beer. We will forewarn you that this
tune has profanity and a middle-aged singer
running around in a speedo.

We thank the friends who sent us these
diversions and share them with you in the
hope that you enjoy them.
Comments are always welcome.

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