We’d like to thank Jim Fisher for the kind
words, and airtime, he gave us and the blog yesterday on his show. It is appreciated.


What is the deal with Phil Robertson and
the uproar surrounding his statement of
his opinions. I don’t watch his show, but
what happened to the freedom to speak our

He stated what he believed, clarified that
it was his opinion, and gets turned into a
outcast for doing so? This whole political
correctness thing has gone too far.


Some interesting, we thought, news from the
Windy City involving the Guardian Angels.

This past Tuesday a 15-year-old girl was
found beaten and sexually assaulted near
one of the city’s Safe Passage routes.

Since the attack happened around 6 am, the
Guardian Angels are now patrolling the area
from 6-10 am and along with the police are
handing out fliers.


And you may have heard of our troubles
with Obamacare lately. This has us cruisin’
the information highway to find alternatives.

One such alternative is not for everyone,
but a lot cheaper than the exchanges and
eligible under the new law.

Christian Healthcare Ministries has plans that
start at $45 a month per person covered.

If we read the information right, you have
to attend services regularly, live according
to the Bible, and not drink alcohol or smoke.

You can go to the link above for pricing
and more information if interested.

Then we heard a story of a Marine Corps
General who stood duty on Christmas day
to let a younger officer go home to be
with his family.

The story is true, and it turns out
he is one of military brass that the Obama
administration has removed from duty.
What a shame.
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  1. So with you. The world has gone mad in extremes. Not allowed an opinion, yet Oprah windbag does it and gets praised and paid huge wads of money for it. Things have to change.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for passing this along.

    One man and his Mustang,
    Thanks. We don’t know how it got to this point,
    but we want it to stop.

  3. Noble. You guys are so dumb. I can’t wait till all you old white men are gone.

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