Are we still free?


I feel the need to once again attempt the
impossible. I’m a firm believer in the tenet
‘if I have to explain it you won’t understand’.

But due to some comments on the last post
that I felt could not be answered in a comment,
here we go.

When asked if I had checked out the tax breaks
to help with healthcare costs, I said no. But
I don’t believe my reply went far enough.

We don’t want tax breaks, subsidies, or any
form of handouts from the government. If the
government would stay out of our business we
would still have insurance.

We neither want, nor need, the governments
help. We can do for ourselves.

The bill should be renamed because it makes
nothing affordable. I know, you have a friend
who took the breaks and is really happy.

Bless their heart. But if all the people take
the handouts, those of us working will have to
pay for them.

Concerning the statement that we should be
mad at the employer for not offering us
coverage, no it is Obama’s fault. He owns
this one.

The company was upfront and said we could
keep the insurance, but it would cost a lot
more. Their cost goes up, employee cost
goes up.

The new plan we can afford is substandard.
It doesn’t have benefits our old plan
did, and it costs a lot more while
covering less.

And I also blame Obama for the fact that I
cannot just say ‘no thanks’, I’m healthy,
I don’t want health insurance.

This is still America and I should have the
freedom to choose.
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10 Responses to Are we still free?

  1. Phelony Jones says:

    I’m afraid you do not understand the whys of things. Power is everything, and the elite will do whatever it takes to have it. They already have the Fed facilitating the massive transfer of wealth form the hoi poloi to the elite. Students are debt slaves, heck, the unborn are debt slaves. So, this disaster must continue for our betters to tell us how to live. Any resistance will be handled by the IRS, capice? That is until they succeed in disarming America, then Braack and company can do whatever they feel.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Phelony Jones,
    well put. I’m still optimistic. We have an election next year that could change the look of the Senate and Obama only has 3
    more years.

  3. andrewhagle says:

    Reblogged this on Home Grown News Media.

  4. anaqvi says:

    As Phelony said Power is key. It’s a sad story but it’s true. It’s sad really, we’re all humans and everyone deserves equality in all aspects of life, but well….it’s not going to happen. I just hope that one day, something will change where we all can live happily together as the human race. It’s a dream, but dreams can come true. Great post!

  5. Godaddy says:

    Well, I work for myself, and I now have insurance that covers my wife’s preexisting conditions, and its at a fraction of the cost I was paying before, and I don’t get any subsidies. So you can keep paying attention to certain anecdotal evidence, and ignoring other anecdotal evidence, but when push comes to shove, overall it is a handout to the insurance companies and many more people are now covered. And its not just the “non-working” as you wish to believe. Its a lot of hardworking freelancers like myself.

  6. Godaddy says:

    And I know you will NEVER take the time to read a lengthy article that actually looks at this subject objectively, but here it goes anyway:

  7. CJ says:

    I always wondered why no one questioned why Obama wanted to take EVERYBODY’S insurance down to insure just the ones who had none. There was no need to mess with people who had a plan in place and were paying for what they needed. Why couldn’t he just leave those folks alone?

  8. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for reblogging this.

    I believe you are right.

    first off, this actually happened to us. If you are getting it cheaper we are happy for you. As to the article, it also mentions the fact that
    it is cheaper because of the subsidies, but does not mention the fact that the website violates HIPAA, which was passed under Clinton. And it fails to mention that the founder and owner of McAfee has said it is a hacker’s dream.
    Finally, if we won’t use the national site, we had to use the Iowa
    Exchange site which is where we got the figures mentioned. I am 62 and have several pre-existing conditions and the wife is younger with pre-existing conditions, but we liked our old policy.

    like Phelony said, it’s about power. I would have no problem with Obamacare if we could opt out.

  9. QC Ghost says:

    Nice mention from WOC’s Jim Fisher. You are a star! Unfortunately with ObamaCare, you won’t live long enough to enjoy it.

  10. cruisin2 says:

    thanks. I admit to being pleasantly surprised by his kind words while watching his radio show.

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