The Snowblower Incident


Ever have one of those days when you figure
you have all your options covered, then the
rules change?

During the first snowfall of the year, in our
neck of the woods, I was gloating while getting
my gear in order.

I had two snowblowers I thought were ready to
go and foul weather gear good to around -20
degrees. How could a couple of inches of snow
spoil my day?

It all started at the gas station. This gas
station has always had one pump of straight
unleaded without any ethanol in it. But when
I pulled up to the pumps this year, all pumps
had the ethanol sticker.

Not sure if the ethanol mandate had kicked in
I decided to just get the ethanol mix rather
than drive to various stations on the off
chance they did have straight gas.

My second dilemma came when the gas can was
safely back in the garage. While I had two
snowblowers, one was a 4-cycle and the other
a 2-cycle.

Should I leave the gas straight, or mix the
oil? Mistake number 3, I mixed the oil in.

Over the summer I had been given a Toro that
I was told ran like new. It looked better than
my other one so I assumed it would run great.

Yep. Mistake number 4, never assume anything.

The snow was gently falling when I gassed up
the Toro and decided to use it. On the third
pull the primer button fell apart and it would
not start.

No problem, I’ve got the Craftsman 4-cycle.
Filling it with the oil/gas mix and plugging
in the extension cord for the starter I
believed I was on my way to clear driveway.

That’s when mistake number 5 hit. Forgetting
to open the overhead door before starting a
4-cycle engine with a 2-cycle gas mix creates
an enormous noxious gas cloud.

I managed to get the overhead door open soon
enough that the neighbors didn’t call the fire
department, but it took a while to stop the

The smoke had more or less left the garage by
the time I finished clearing the driveway, the
alley, and the front walk.

Over coffee later I went over the events of
the day and decided, I should have shopped
around for some straight gas.

Oh yeah, the picture of the tire on the fence.
I spotted it not far from Casa Cruiser
and thought it looked neat.
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4 Responses to The Snowblower Incident

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    Snow blower escapades, I love them.

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  3. It was the first snowfall of the year, Min my house was covered with snow all around , I was gloating while getting
    my gear in order to start it.

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