Strange cruise

An email from a friend sent us on yesterdays
quest, and today another got on our car-shaped
mouse barreling down the information highway.


The picture was taken by US Air Force Senior
Airman Tracie Forte and it got our attention.

It has an F22 Raptor on top, then a Curtiss
P40E Warhawk, an F4 Phantom, with an A10
Thunderbolt on the bottom. It must have been
something to see.

Then we ran across one of those “do you know
what this is?” photos that kicked my brain
into overdrive. I didn’t know but was
determined to find out.


I learned it was Rhino, sometimes called a
Polywog, made in Indianapolis, Indiana by
the Marmon-Herrington Company and originally
designed by Greek engineer Elie P. Aghnides.

Of course this was followed by a cruise to
find more elusive critters that you may not
have heard of either. Like this…


Of course we mean the Antonov A-40 Flying
Tank. Just your average 1941 tank attached
to a humongous glider.

Which led us on a search that found this…


It is a Wheel Buggy 100% Amphibious Carrier,
Model number 104W-HD-12X9. It boast twin
diesel power and a hydraulic gearbox.

And before the brain finally strips a gear,
we show you this one…


This is a 2004 Rinspeed Splash. It has a
carbon-composite body, a 140 hp engine with
a 6-speed transmission, and a claim of 0-100
mph in 5.9 seconds on land.

Now that the weird vehicle cruise is over I
must go in search of food and refreshments.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to Strange cruise

  1. cruisin2 says:

    One man and his Mustang,
    thank you. We’re glad you enjoyed them.

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