It makes sense to somebody

October 26, 2013

As I was reading an article about the raid
on Audrey Hudson’s home I was so confused I
read it again. I think I’ve got it now.

The Maryland State Police along with the
Homeland Security Department’s Federal Air
Marshal Service and the Coast Guard
Investigative Service woke this woman up
at 4:30 am, in full body armor, to execute
a search warrant for a potato gun.

The warrant was signed by a judge in another
county, and during the search all firearms
and some files were taken from the home.

Then when authorities found out the files
were authorized under the freedom of information
act, they were returned.

But the guns are not going to be returned
because of something her husband did in 1986.

And the supposed reason for the interest in
the potato gun in the first place is her
husband bought it off a supposed arms dealer
5 years ago on the internet.

Yeah, I can see how a judge could put all
that together to issue a search warrant.

This story makes if official. Our government
has lost its mind. But don’t take our word
for it, read it in the Washington Times.

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How I do it

October 25, 2013


After being asked by different people how I
manage to stay so skinny at 62 I decided it
would be a public service to reveal my secret
workout instead of to continue fibbing about

I have a strict unconventional workout that
I follow almost religiously upon awakening
just about every morning and will almost
guarantee similar results if it is followed
by others.

It involves sit ups, push ups, something I
call ‘snap, crackle and pop’, potato sacks,
and tai chi. Let me explain.

The first thing I do after waking up is to sit
up. Then I proceed to push myself up to stand
and meet the day.

This is when my eyes snap open, my neck
crackles like someone mashing wrapping paper
in my ear, and my knees pop. Groaning and
passing gas is allowed while doing this part.

Then I grab two potato sacks. For beginners
I recommend the five-pound size, but I’m up to
the 50-pound sacks.

Just grab a sack in each hand, hold them at
your sides, then raise your arms and hold for
1 minute. Arms back to your sides and repeat
10 times.

Once the 5-pound sacks are easy switch to
10-pound sacks and so on until you master the
technique with 50-pound sacks.

Since I’ve done this for a years now, I’m
ready to put some potatoes in the sacks and
really get a workout!

Finally, the tai chi. Once I finish the other
exercises I walk to kitchen, make coffee, and
assume the grounding stance while facing the

Stand with feet slightly apart, arms at side,
and breath deeply through your nose. Never
hold this pose for longer than 5 minutes.

The reason is twofold; first is if you aren’t
an experienced armchair athlete like myself
that you may strain a leg muscle.

The second is that if you hold it longer your
significant other is going to ask you what you
what the hell you’re doing.

Guys, just follow these simple steps and I’ll
guarantee that if the ladies don’t find you
handsome, they’ll think you’re crazy. You
can thank me later.
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Let’s stop the non-sense

October 25, 2013


As Scott Westerfield once said, ‘sometimes
the thoughts in my head get so bored they go
out for a stroll through my mouth. This is
rarely a good thing.’

But a recent article in Clash Daily got
me thinking.

It was about how University students across
our country were being told not to wear
“offensive” Halloween costumes.

Said “offensive” costumes included cowboys,
Indians, and anything involving a sombrero.
Along with “white trash” costumes, “hillbilly”
costumes, ghetto themes, or anything that
portrays a particular culture as “over-

Is this really a problem? I mean the zombies
must feel slighted.

No mention of responsible alcohol consumption,
safe sex, or drug use just please don’t offend
anyone from anywhere for any real or imagined

Our question would be; why are people so
offended one day a year when in the
entertainment industry we see this every
day and it doesn’t seem to bother anybody?

In our Cinemas it is hard to find a movie
that doesn’t include nudity, profanity,
violence, and/or sex. We don’t hear an

On our TVs we see and hear much the same
and we haven’t heard of a boycott.

Yet once a year, for a few hours people
dressing up as something they are not is

Something is wrong with that picture.

Here’s a novel idea for something the
colleges could get behind. Why not demand
a cease-fire in Chicago on Halloween to
save some lives?

Or, why not volunteer to help clean up the
ghetto before the party starts?

At some point we have to stop the non-sense.
If we can’t, I give anybody who wants to the
permission to dress up as a tall, skinny old
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Another interesting person

October 24, 2013

If you haven’t heard of Shane Burcaw yet, you
will here. The 20-year-old has never crawled or taken a step.

He has a blog, laughing at my nightmare
and a facebook page for a non-profit
he started.

The non-profit, also called Laughing At My
Nightmare, raises money for Muscular Dystrophy
while having fun.

His life expectancy could be into his 40s and
if the second 20 years are like the first 20,
we’ll probably hear of him again.

For his upbeat attitude and willingness to
help others, we say he is an interesting
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Crying shame

October 24, 2013


Sometimes the fate of old ships just makes me
bow my head in sadness. This time it is the
USS Forrestal (CVA-59), formerly AVT-59 and

When commissioned on October 1, 1955 the
Forrestal flight deck ran 1,067 feet and
was the first American carrier to be built
with an angled flight deck, steam catapult,
and an optical landing system.

Built at a cost of $217 million, or almost
$2 billion in today’s dollars, she weighed
81,101 tons loaded, measured 900 feet at the
waterline, had a beam of 129 feet, a draft of
37 feet, and was powered by 260,000 shp steam
turbines through 4 shafts that could propel
her to a top speed of 33 knots.

She had a crew of 552 officers and 4,988
enlisted men, and could carry around 85
aircraft at any given time.

For armament she had 8 5″/54 Mk 42 guns,
Mk 29 NATO Sea Sparrow, and Mk 15 Phalanx CIWS.

After a storied past that included a tragic
fire, it has been sold for 1 cent to a
salvage company.

Seems odd to me that something made of metal,
that weighs 59,650 tons empty, could only
bring a penny for scrap. Sad ending for a
ship whose motto was “First In Defense”.
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October 23, 2013


We went on another cruise along the information highway
and found a few things we thought we’d share with you.

From the Iowa Gun Owners site comes this sticker that we liked.


From the National Association for Gun Rights
we’ll share this.


From coverage of the million veteran march
there’s this picture of a disabled vet moving
a barrycade.


From our top-secret source we’ve obtained
spy photos on the new Obama “green” car.


More proof that the electric vehicle may not
be ready for prime time is this photo of a
Tesla. Got marshmellows?


If you work on cars you may know about the
Snap-On truck.


Some of us remember the iconic cover of Hot
Rod magazine that featured Dick Flint’s 1929 Ford roadster.


Turns out the car will be in an upcoming RM
Auction on November 21, 2013 in
New York.

The car looks as it did in 1952 when the cover shot was taken.


If you’re thinking you’d like to own this
piece of hot rodding history you better have
deep pockets. It is estimated it will sell for
$700,000 to $900,000.

We’ll leave you now as we have to gas up and
put the ride to bed.
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The forum circus

October 23, 2013


After the snow yesterday came the candidate
forum. Ghost stopped by and we went to see
what platform each candidate was running on.

Some stopped by our table to chat while the
others avoided us like we were red-headed
step children. We thank them all.

The forum opened with each candidate getting
3 minutes to tell us why they were running for
office or why they should be re-elected.

Keith Meyer brought the only visual aid to
the proceedings, Phil Yerrington brought up
a plan to re-open the Police Department lobby
at night, Dale Gilmour touched on reckless
spending, and Kerri Tompkins told us of her

The incumbents were more of a mixed bag, all
citing previous actions, and trying to defend
said actions.

Once the question and answer portion of the
forum began the incumbents used up most of
the time.

Mayor Gluba appeared to the be the only
member of the forum to resort to getting loud.
Evidently Goober doesn’t like being challenged.

A lot of time was spent on the discussion of
our Police Department, with incumbents defending
the current status while challengers
brought up ways to improve it.

Some time was spent on the NIMBY crowd that
had recently gone viral and also on the use
of TIF. The former being deemed a pox on the
process by questioners and the later being
over used.

And of course, the city budget.

We thought some highlights were Keith Meyer
cutting up his parking tickets with a big
scissors and Mayor Gluba getting apoplectic
over some imagined slights to his regime.

The event ended two hours after it began
and I had a little trouble walking out as
my butt had fallen asleep.

Then this morning the wife chewed me out as
she claims she couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t
home to wake her up for work. It was still
worth it.
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