It’s time

Reservations have been made, the oil’s been
changed, the weather looks to be good for our
little mini-vacation, and I ran out of reasons
not to go.

So in a few hours I’ll fire up the 500,
point the hood north, and head to Wisconsin.
Since the wife quit poking me every few
minutes to tell me she’s on vacation, my arm
shouldn’t be too sore to drive.

A few things are certain every time we hit
the road to relax and escape the rat race. It
never fails that someone will call with an
emergency, and detours unknown to us will be

We also realize that when we haven’t visited
a place in a decade some things change.

I hear they have added on to the Infinity
Room since our last visit. We heard it is a
lot longer now.


We also heard they have improved the bridge
over the Mississippi since then.


We reserved a room in a real nice place,
and the help are around 24/7.


We are also taking a religious medal to hang
on the mirror so we don’t end up like this.


And we won’t have any nightmares that start
like this…


Finally, as we walk through miles of
attractions we will remember one our
favorite Mantra’s…


Enjoy yourselves and we should be back with
some pictures before you realize we’ve gone.
Comments are always welcome.


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