Take a deep breath…


We feel the saying could also go
“If Trayvon Martin had been killed in
an abortion clinic Barack Obama wouldn’t
even know his name”.

Or it could be “If Trayvon Martin had
been shot in Chicago Barack Obama wouldn’t
even know his name”.

What we cannot understand is how people
can get so worked up over one and not the

If one is really a caring person how
can he knowingly incite a segment of
our population?

And who brought the race issue into it?
People forget Zimmerman was first called
a ‘White Hispanic’.

Why aren’t the gay people up in arms
if, in fact, Mr. Martin thought Mr.
Zimmerman was gay?

There are still too many unanswered
questions for anyone to know what really
happened. And with the drive-by media
repeating the same rhetoric as the
politicos, we probably never will know.

But something doesn’t sit right.

The media never showed a recent picture
of Martin, didn’t report that his cargo
of juice and skittles could be used with
cough syrup to make an intoxicant, and
all but called Zimmerman guilty from day

Local law enforcement investigated the
incident and didn’t find probable cause
to file charges. That didn’t happen until
the protests began.

Even after being charged Zimmerman was
acquitted by a jury of his peers, and it
still wasn’t enough.

We might believe what these protesters
are saying if they show up in Chicago
or the Gosnell trial. Until then we will
continue to believe this was an incident
that could have been avoided.

We know it is never easy to lose a child
but we also know nothing can bring them
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13 Responses to Take a deep breath…

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    Enjoyed the blame shifting from Gluba on the sewer system. He fits in with Obama.

    Hey, Edmond! Please propose another fee (we don’t have enough apparently) and use the money to audit the sewer fees and rain tax. I’m curious to see where the money went. Don’t worry, we will reelect you guys in November.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Obama is his hero.

  3. bill edmond says:


    We get audited every year. It’s available on the city website.

  4. thescoundrel says:

    Obama is the typical politician – his direction is always led by rhetoric intended to guide his flock of disciples towards everlasting loyalty to his leadership.

  5. Nitrous55 says:

    Bill, I’m not looking for an audit of the entire place and I doubt the audit would give me the info I’m looking for. It just tells us that you are following GAAP. I would like to know if all sewer fees go to sewer related items or not. I suspect that the fees do not go into replacing or repairing the sewer like it should. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sued for three feet of poop.

    And I tried the website, could you tell me where to find the audit, or do you use Queen Shabonnee’s remark “go fetch”?

  6. Nitrous55 says:

    I finally found the audited statements, but they still don’t answer my question and I doubt I will get the answer. If I read things right, we have money to start replacing the old sewer system. We should have been doing this for years. The 100 year old sewer should have been or almost replaced. Only we decide to ignore the thing and go for the IMPORTANT stuff. Build planters, veteran memorials, and trying to fire city employees we do not like. All of us are guilty. Tthe current council, former councils (including vindictive former 3rd ward aldermen), and the Davenport voters.

    Just raise the stupid sewer fees (and $8 is not going to cut it) and get going on replacing the sewer system. Don’t worry about us voters. You are going to be re elected.

  7. Anonymous says:

    NItrous – The Sewer Fund show revenues and expenditures solely related to the sewer system. This includes sewer, the wastewater traetment plant and the compost facility.Sewer revenue is being used to fix the sewer system. The audit shows the bonds that have been sold to fix the sewer system along with the repayment of the bonds. The fixed asset accounts shows additions for the sewer system. These come from sewer system replacements/upgrades and additions to the system from new development. The CIP for sewer shows over $100 million in improvements over the next six years. You can only do so much at once. Phase II of the tunnel is about done and when phase III is complete, much of the flow that is causing the problems will be diverted. Yes, the fix should have been many years ago, but it wasn’t, for whatever reason. The tunnel itself was designed by 2004, but the council didn’t fund it until 2008. In regards to storm water (which is one of the primary culprits of the in-flow to the sewer system), please remember it was Shawn Hamerlink, Bill Lynn, Keith Myer, Van Fossen and Brian (can’t remember his last name) who voted to eliminate the capital component of the storm water fee in 2006, thereby deferring those repairs. Pay me now or pay me later. They chose to kick the can down the road. Now you pay for it.

    Good luck to the ambulance chaser Meloy. Cities have very high levels of immunity. It is difficult to hold the current council guilty for something that should have happened 20 years ago.

  8. Nitrous55 says:

    It should be replaced, not fixed when something breaks. This is a 100 year old system. It should have been worked on years agoand why I said this should have taken care of years ago. That is why I blame everyone. Everyone that was a part of the city in the last 40 some years are at fault. Either not getting to work on it or voting them into office. Most of the guys you mentioned have not been in office for years, yet nothing still hasn’t been done(still kicking the can). Raise the fees so it doesn’t affect new planters and get started on it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually lots has been done. Phase I of the tunnel is done, phase II is almost done and phase III has been started. Hundreds of sinkholes have been fixed along with hundreds of sewer laterals. Miles of sewer pipe has been lined and a number of investigations have been completed that have identified the next problems to fixed. None of the money used on the planters could have been used for the sewer system nor the sky bridge nor the baseball stadium, so push the go-on button. The guys on the council now are the only ones who have been doing anything. And don’t forget Chet, when he was governor the state gave a $9.6 million grant that went toward phase I of the tunnel. That saved D’port rate payers about $2.50 per month for 10 years on their rates. Again, nothing happens over night, especially when it took years to break. Beating them up or kicking them won’t make it happen any faster.

  10. Nitrous55 says:

    It worked with progresives when they kick or beat up Reagan, Bush, and Cheney. Of course, that was different.

    I do not want three feet of poop in my basement. I won’t get help like former/current alderpeople like Barney or yourself. I’m the poor ham & egger getting a new $8 fee to help pay for others’ clean ups.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not current or former. And kicking Reagan, Cheney or Bush did no good either. They didn’t change the way they did business.

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