Justice or politics?


We’ve been watching all the hoopla about
the George Zimmerman trial and admit to
being confused.

I never realized that so many people
actually saw the confrontation. Many in
the media blatantly call it murder but
to our knowledge only two people really
know what happened and one of those is

When the story first surfaced Mr. Zimmerman
wasn’t even charged. But the screaming
heads and activists got so much airtime
something had to be done.

The facts are that we know Mr. Zimmerman
shot Mr. Martin and Mr. Martin died. We
know that Mr. Zimmerman sustained injuries
during the confrontation. And we know Mr.
Martin was a bit of a bad boy.

If Mr. Zimmerman merely wanted to shoot
Mr. Martin, why did he wait until after
he was injured and bloody to do so?

If the incident was indeed a racist
attack by Mr. Zimmerman, why didn’t he
just shoot Mr. Martin before he got
close enough to fight?

Mr. Martin, being a bad boy is not a
reason to kill him. We do wonder
why the activists want to portray him
as an altar boy when he was not.

Accountability works both ways-
If Mr. Zimmerman acted illegally he will
be punished. If Mr. Martin is proven to
be at fault, a not guilty verdict can
not be considered a racist act.

We will wait until the jury comes back
with a verdict before we say much more
on this subject.

And this post is my opinion. If my
opinion doesn’t coincide with yours,
or if it offends you, then so be it.

But at least for the present, it is
my right to state it.
Comments are always welcome.


5 Responses to Justice or politics?

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I was just reading this morning that there was a time when news WAS news and not a running commentary designed to further the agenda of the owner(s).

    I always have to ask myself why a particular story is being run? Who is ultimately going to benefit? Stories aren’t chosen at random, nor are they continually pushed in front of the public just for the heck of it.

    There are many horrendous events going on everyday in our world, yet many of them go unreported. Why?

    When the magician is waving colored handkerchiefs at you with one hand, it’s best to watch his other hand.

  2. J.G.Lord says:

    Little George was portrayed as white, yet he says nay me mother she is Spanish, so I am Hispanic, so where is his defense? where is racial hate? a wrench now into the mix, his racial impurity is not questioned. as it unfolds and as the tale is re-told, poor, little Alice keeps looking through the looking glass, and wonders how and when the justice system change to a vigilante state of judge them jail them and hang-em high on any charge you can find.
    The wheels of our justice system work slowly for a reason so we do not convict an innocent ,but as we know and as we have seen it is imperfect in many ways. one thing is certain a few people made out in this one got a trademark to a name and is making lots of cash one is going bankrupt and even if he is cleared will be hunted hated for what he did.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    we agree. Seems like the media comments on the news and doesn’t investigate it anymore.

    That’s what doesn’t make sense to us. Why ruin a mans life when there is nothing that will bring the kid back? Zimmerman can’t win.

  4. thescoundrel says:

    I have been trying to keep an open mind on this trial. However unless the prosecution comes up with something other than they are offering – all I see is a legal system prosecuting simply because they are afraid of the consequences of not prosecuting. So far they have offered nothing to convince me of their case.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    and if the prosecution doesn’t win there will be riots.

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