Rainy days and Mondays….

As we like to say in the Mid-west; if
you don’t like the weather hang around,
it’ll change. The day started like any
other but by 6 pm reports of 4-6 inches
of rain, tornadoes, and power outages
were coming in from all over.

We didn’t get any tornadoes here, but
we certainly got the rain. I’ll be
checking the basement for water most
of the night. But we still had fun with
a few diversions.

In one diversion, an outfit called
First Run TV has done a half-hour show
about the Guardian Angels.

The show is called “Angels in Action”
and the video was interesting to us
so we thought we’d share it with you.

Some support the group while others have
a dislike for them. We still support them
and wish and well.

And we didn’t make it down to the racers
in the Great Race, but Hemmings blog has some
pictures on their site.

The Great Race site also has some great
pictures of the local
leg of the race.

If you had rain, watch the video, and/or
look at the pictures for a rainy day
diversion. If you didn’t get foul
weather the diversions are still fun.
Comments are always welcome.


3 Responses to Rainy days and Mondays….

  1. Grumpa, we had our diversion, we lost power for 22 plus hours. Our son-in-law saved our food with 2 coolers and 3 bags of ice. It was a long warm night and I know it would have been no problem were I about 40 years younger. Chuck

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Charles Mabry,
    hope everything turned out ok.

  3. Grumpa, Power went off, cooked on the grill, had dinner by candle light, listened to the Blackhawks win on our solar powerwed radio. It just dosen’t get any better than that. Everything turned out A OK. Chuck

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