The battle


The bush stood facing the morning sun with
the sunlight highlighting the dew covered

Big as a buffalo and twice as wide this
malignancy of nature had to be cut down
to size.

I stood facing this evil plant with a
pair of pruning shears in each hand,
much like a gunslinger, contemplating
a fight to the death.

One of us was going to get cut down to
size and I had hopes it would be this
green monster and not yours truly.

With the sun sparkling of the dew and
a slight wind the bush appeared to
flexing its muscles in anticipation of
the upcoming fight.

I was ready. After ninety minutes the
bush had taken on the appearance of
normalcy. Branches lay all around us
as testament to the battle that had
cut it down to half the original size.

Putting iodine on my wounds and then
gathering up the branches I returned
to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Feeling very much the victor I told
the wife about my exploits. And that’s
when I got the ‘look’.

She explained you cannot do battle
with a plant and there was no arguing
the point.

The heavy artillery came out with her
outburst of ‘don’t you have hedge

I tried to explain that it was personal
but I saw the ‘no sale’ sign in her eyes.
Plan B didn’t work either because she
stated that just because our ancestors
didn’t have hedge trimmers did not mean
I could call it a battle.

So once again the wife thinks I’m crazy
even after my explanation. It must be
guy thing.
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4 Responses to The battle

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Hey, I have a monster hedge and only a pair of shears, so if you’d like to send your trimmer this way…
    My hedge got the better of me last year. I know my place. And I’ll be staying there ’til I have power tools.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I’ll think about it. When we moved here 19 years ago I tried to talk the City Council into letting me pave the whole yard and paint it
    green. Sure wish they would have agreed.

  3. davenport resident says:

    Shabonee says you need to stop over a our patch of solid green and we will toughen you up.And .Say . How many months have it been since our conversation about sewer backups at Garfield Ave and the lack of a City response? Nice to see Barnhill down in the basement diverting the bulk from the sewer treatment plant. Liked that story about the lid blowing off the manhole, saving a little bit of little b -its.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    davenport resident,
    lol, my arms are sore just thinking about it. Been a while since that chat and still nothing done. I don’t envy anyone with that clean up.

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