If all else fails…


The above photograph is this artists’ conception
of what our new Casino will look like.

Heard that our city leaders are going to once
again approach the RDA with an optional Casino
plan. If we heard correctly this one involves
another group, and with a private developer.

A promise of more money for the RDA, the city,
the county, and our schools was also cited. We
did notice there was no talk of how much all
this is going to cost us.

We didn’t hear anything about lowering taxes
either which is what we figured. If the monies
go into the general fund, we don’t believe
property tax reduction would get too far through
the process.

So our progressive mayor is all excited again.
The casino would go out on the interstate and
we’ll have a chicken in every pot.

Too early to know enough for an opinion, but
we will say that something just doesn’t feel
right about this.

When more details are released a real opinion
will be made on our part. I guess we’ll have
to wait to see.
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4 Responses to If all else fails…

  1. shabonee says:

    When were the public meetings at which this agreement was being discussed?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Guess we don’t need to know. $33 million and the city won’t own it?
    I thought they were going to let the RDA try to find a solution.

  3. shabonee says:

    At least we have an alderman who is going to refer open meeting violations to the state.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    We wish them luck.

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