Enjoy the day

Happy Easter to all!


If you don’t celebrate Easter, happy Sunday.
And if you don’t believe in Sundays, happy
second Saturday of the week.

And if none of that satisfies you, go back
to bed.


6 Responses to Enjoy the day

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Happy Easter! And thank you for the smiles.

  2. Brittius says:

    I wonder if Grizzly Adams, started out that way?

  3. cruisin2 says:

    And a Happy Easter to you and yours.

    lol, or Doctor Doolittle.

  4. QC Ghost says:

    Happy Easter to you, Mrs. Cruiser and that 6-toed cat.

  5. Mart Dawson says:

    Happy Easter to you too m8.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    The cat and myself thank you and the wife will after she wakes up.

    Mart Dawson,
    Thanks, hope your Easter was as nice as ours.

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