When will it end?


Today has been strange even by my
standards. I woke up thinking about
something I have never thought much
about before.

I even had the feeling that when I
opened the door to the office it
would turn to a black and white
scene from an old series.

Rod Sterling would be perched on my
computer desk smoking his cigarette
and he would say:

“Meet Cruiser, a confused tinkerer
and problem solver who has finally
met something he can’t solve. After
awakening from a vivid dream he is
convinced he is a master watermelon

But we know he is in that special
place between time and space we call
the Twilight Zone.”

The wife accused me of having some
of my 5-Alarm chili as a midnight
snack, and even Fox News couldn’t
get my mind off watermelon carving!

This post is being done in the hope
that after it is posted I will forget
about wanting to be artistic with a

It has worked in the past when a
song gets stuck in my head and won’t
go away so I thought I’d try it.

If this doesn’t scratch my itch be
prepared for a primer on the proper
way to carve a watermelon.

If it does work, regular posting
should begin tomorrow. Unless I have
more chili tonight.
Comments are always welcome.


5 Responses to When will it end?

  1. Brittius says:

    {…go with the chili…}

  2. davenport resident says:


    Instead of chili could I suggest you cruise down to Credit Island, amoungst the eagles. Get out of your car half way down on the north side, and here it is just a matter of timing.As soon as the eagle makes its way back form the Mississippi River with its fish, you make the sound of five staar chili and your meal is dropped at your feet.Scale it, butter it, fry it and eat it. I think it qualifies under that new Iowa law on road kill.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I like it.

    davenport resident,
    lol, and it wouldn’t be an endangered species either.

  4. davenport resident says:

    What I would really like to see is a reality show where a certified redneck like you, cruise, changes jobs with a certified intellectual? like Davenport City Administrator Craig Malin.(Give the guy a left handed monkey wrench.) We could even let that Donald guy, Trump? decide which of you knew what you were doing.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    davenport resident,
    lol, I’d watch it.

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