Stretching it?


We will foretell you that this post is not
meant to be vindictive, racist, sexist,
demeaning, belittling, or anti-government.

It is simply a tongue-in-cheek look at what
we feel is happening in our little river

We have been told for some time now that the
circus atmosphere has left City Hall making
our city government more dignified.

Lately we have reason to believe our Mayor
is bringing the circus back.

Screaming at meetings while belittling his
debaters does little to change the image.
Nor does his apologies after the fact.

We get the feeling he either doesn’t have
the answers to the questions people are
asking, or is enraged at the audacity of
getting asked.

People do want to know who pays the $5
million extra if the casino leaves downtown.
People do have questions concerning the
makeup of the DCIC.

And why are Council members pushing the RDA
to hurry their vote? Perhaps they felt that
doubling the take from gambling the RDA would
get would insure a positive vote.

But some think 100% of something is better
than 200% of promises.

We keep hearing how the city doesn’t want
to involved while city people are on the DCIC

We also cannot help but feel that the conflict
of interest clause could eliminate at least half
of the board from voting.

Some wonder why the hold harmless clause
was used for the DCIC. If you look up the
definition of the hold harmless clause it is
as follows:

A provision in an agreement under which one or
both parties agree not to hold the other party
responsible for any loss, damage, or legal
liability. In effect, this clause indemnifies
the parties on a unilateral or reciprocal basis
(as the case may be).

The statement that this could lower property
taxes is a moot point, the cost of running
the sewer and utilities has not been addressed,
and too many citizens have too many questions.
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7 Responses to Stretching it?

  1. Old Guy in Davenport says:

    Thinking about this makes me wonder. Why would a city of about 100,000 people, with over 1/2 receiving some type of government check, subsidy, or hand out want to go into debt for 200 plus million dollars? and Why is the city of Dubuque raising its property tax’s?

  2. QC Ghost says:

    Although my default position is to respect Alderman Edmonds decisions, I thought his appearance on Jim Fisher’s talk show (WOC) was weak. Rather than excite the electorate, he offered up the various organizations and people to blame should the casino ‘hit the fan.’ Covering his fellow lawmakers’ arses is not a comforting stance. The City’s only responsibility is to distribute the profits? Please!

    Davenport will have no collateral should the project fail. Casinos don’t own anything. The slot machines and gaming tables are leased. Per Mr. Edmonds, the City won’t own the building or land. And who will cover unemployment payments if the entire staff is suddenly locked out? Will the business be self-insured? And my last point, with Obama’s onslaught of rules and regulations, the City is clueless to the number of roadblocks ahead. No one is starting a new business today. Read Subway’s owner’s assessment of current business environments. Then tackle the essays from Home Depo, Hobby Lobby, and the Catholic Church.

    On the lighter side if the casino does relocate, the Bridge to Nowhere really WILL be a bridge to nowhere.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Old Guy in Davenport,
    We never heard why Dubuque keeps raising the property taxes, but in 4 different stores, the Kennedy Mall, and two different restaurants people were sure talking about it. The TV news reporter didn’t say they would be increased in FY 2014 budget either.

    Edmond didn’t come across as a raving lunatic and made his points. We did notice he said those opposed were “uninformed”, which is a buzzword we’ve grown tired of. And the Bridge to Nowhere might become the Bridge to the Ferris Wheel.

  4. This is what I want Edmond to say, addressing the owner of Russell. ” Go down and fix that leaking sky bridge or I am going to toss your aa$$ in the Mississippi River.”

  5. You can’t run a circus with just clowns.

  6. Cruise.

    None of the clowns slinging elephant dung here are part of a group that welcomes citizen input. ( the girl and guy that pays the taxes that supports Davenport City Hall).

    The Mayor and Council, don’t. Cruise, you wouldn’t waste your time going down to a “Davenport City Council meeting and speaking out.

    And the RDA and the John Gardner, Davenport One types are no different.

    So what is going on here? What is the fight really about?

    I have my ideas. What are yours?

  7. cruisin2 says:

    davenport resident,
    Too many egos in one room. Gluba and his people don’t like having opposition to their brainstorms. Honestly, regardless of what is said, I believe the city wants complete control over the casino and how it’s run.

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