Courtroom circus


If you have been following the coverage of
trial of ex-Alderman Meyer, you know the
verdict is in.

Though I admit to chewing my fingernails
down to the second knuckle I was reasonably
sure he would win.

There was as much local media coverage as
there would be for the trial of a serial
killer. Opinions were being thrown about
like rice at a wedding.

When the jury came back Keith was found
not guilty. If it wasn’t a closed courtroom,
we would have loved to be there to see the
faces of some members of the media.

All we can say is that sometimes the Justice
system does work. In our opinion this was an
incident that just got out of hand.

We await to see how much coverage this
will get now that Keith won. Sometimes when
you think differently than current
administrations you are criticised and

There are times when we have to stand up
for our rights regardless of what others
think. It may not make us popular, but it
makes us what we are.

Congratulations again Keith.
Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Courtroom circus

  1. AnonymouS says:

    Congratulations Keith. We all knew it was that goofball neighbor of yours.

  2. QC Ghost says:

    Does anybody know how much Keith’s trial cost Davenport? Oh, that’s right; they are in the gambling business.

  3. davenport resident says:

    Or cost Scott County taxpayers??? ten of thousands of dollars.

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