Empty driveway


I sold my 48′ Chevy last year to a kid who
really wanted it and over the weekend the
rest of the Cruiser collection went to good

The son sold his 60′ Ford pickup to an
ex-drag racer from Illinois and the wife
sold her 40′ Plymouth to a car nut from
our side of the creek.

The weekend was a haze of phone calls,
visits, offers, and counter-offers. In the
end I think everyone was happy except my

I loaded enough extra parts for the
departing vehicles to build another one.
Both rides were driven while we owned them
and we hope the new owners enjoy them as
much as we did.

If the good Lord grants us more time we’re
sure there will be more to follow. We just
haven’t given much thought as to what the
new rides will be.

We’ve always thought that it isn’t the
destination, it’s the cruise to get there
that counts. When we get one it will be
a thrill, but chasing down the leads to
find it is a blast too.

The neighbors will like not being awakened
at 6 am by loud pipes when we leave for an
out-of-town, or out-of-state, show; and we
have room in the garage for another project.

That seems like a pretty good end to a
great weekend. We honestly thought we’d be
sad when the 40′ left, but the cash brought
by the new owner eased our pain.

A friend drove by the house then went home
to call. When he saw the car and truck gone,
he thought we had moved!

If you’re a car nut you understand and if
you don’t get it we can’t explain it. Just
keep the shiny side up, cruising season is
almost here.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to Empty driveway

  1. Brittius says:

    Have you ever considered, only as a suggestion, doing a classic car restoration rather than the rat rod style?
    In my experience, absolutely nothing matches the devotion to the vehicle and the ride of a car restored to showroom condition (if not better). Whitewalls, fender skirts, chrome. Scraped, primed and painted undercarriage, and driving “sweetie pie” soft and easy? Plenty of nice cars out there that would love the attention and in need of a caring home.
    Just don’t do what I used to do.
    After dinner I would go into my garage for “a little while”.
    Then the wife would open the kitchen door and shout, “I’m GOING to BED!”
    “Okay”, I would answer, “I’ll be right there”.
    Then the kitchen door would open again later and she would shout, “I’m GOING to BED!!!”
    “What time is it?”, I would ask.
    She would say, “It’s a QUARTER to TWELVE!”
    Hey, it’s about a Man and his Machine…
    I always think of the late Jim Varney, “A Man and his Machine…”
    (Know what I mean?)

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I have done a few classic style restorations, but I usually end up changing something. I don’t use ‘rat’ on my vehicles because I consider them unfinished. I just can’t see painting one and then getting an idea to pancake the hood or french something in. Sounds like you have also heard the “it’s me or the car” challenges.

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