More distractions

If you like land speed racing, we may
have a video for you. When do think the
100 mph barrier came down?

The year the first car did over 100 mph?
The following video will give you the

How about a six cubic-inch supercharged
V-8? You can hear it run on the video,
or order one for $7,000.

A video of the Hot Rod Ranch Gasser

Another of the Bare Bones CC 8th Annual
Polar Bear Cruise.

How about a roadster that runs on CNG
(compressed natural gas).

To keep up with latest trends in our
hobby comes this 1953 training film
on fluid coupling.

Like Top Gun? How about the 10 best
low pass flyovers of all time.

A movie from Monty Python.

The song this week is ‘Mama told me
not to come’ by Three Dog Night.

We may go to the new car show at the
River Center when it opens tomorrow.
If we do we’ll try to get some pictures.
Hope you have a great weekend.
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