Smells like circus peanuts


Our local government and their actions appear to
be newsworthy of late. Hardly a day seems to go
by without mention in some form of local media.

Not long ago it was a proposal to put a total of
10 roundabouts downtown while changing two 1-way
streets into two 2-way streets.

We don’t know if it was negative comments from
citizens or the harsh realities of the budget,
but the plan is scrapped.

Then, just today, in the paper an article cited
another problem with the purchase of the Casino
by our city government.

If we remember correctly, the owner of the Casino
took legal action against a local non-profit that
holds the gambling license on said Casino.

We are not in the habit of making multi-million
dollar transactions, but also see no harm in
approaching other Casinos for information.

If you are a local, you know how it can be to
get a straight answer to some questions. All
questions merit a response but not an answer.

At times in appears to understand the reply
to a question one needs a degree in $10 words,
a Masters in Politispeak, and a Roget Thesaurus.

And why not go to an outside source for answers.
The Casino wants to sell, the City wants to buy,
and both have their own agendas.

We would think a better answer could be found
with an entity that has no car in the race.
Comments are always welcome.


20 Responses to Smells like circus peanuts

  1. bill edmond says:

    First: Putting in roundabouts downtown was not the idea of the city council. It was the idea of public works. It ain’t going to happen.

    Second: We did go to an outside source for answers. That person is Gary Buettner. He is the man who oversaw the move off the Rock Island riverfront to where Jumers is today. He ran Jumers before and after the move, and has years in the gaming business.

    Third: The people who said we were “in the bag” for a downtown location are going to have a lot of egg on their faces. It’s going out on the interstate and you can take that to the bank.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    bill edmond,
    Isn’t public works part of the city government? Glad to hear it isn’t going to happen at any rate.
    We know the city council did their homework, we were referring to the RDA going to an outside source. And we hope it does go out by the interstate, although we have no car in that race.

  3. davenport resident says:

    Of course Alderman Bill Edmond has no idea that Gary Buettner is an employee of the City of Davenport? Outside? Really .? Give me a break

  4. Nitrous55 says:

    Shabonne and the rest of you can get offended and outraged that the city has shut down another street. They shut down East 14th and have not put up a sign for the elitist going west on the street. Why, I bet they did it so the cops could screw over these people going west.

  5. bill edmond says:

    davenport resident,

    Gary Buettner is being paid as an outside consultant. If that makes him a city employee, I suppose you would technically be right. But is he an employee in the traditional sense? No

  6. cruisin2 says:

    davenport resident,
    Don’t know if he is or not, we were referring to the RDA going to outside sources.

    There is another sewer main break on that block. We have noticed dump trucks going west on 14th lately, but figured that was due to the repairs being done.

    bill edmond,
    That is a tough one.

  7. QC Ghost says:

    The Davenport casino relocating on I-80 is smart. Jumer’s spot on I-280 is responsible for an impressive increase in their revenue, and I-280 is only a belt loop.

    Where on I-80 is the question, though. Jim Fisher (WOC) believes the intersection of I-80 and I-280 is the proposed location, but with no street access at that location the advantage of Interstate traffic would be lost.

    Another positive point we could attribute to an I-80 casino. Drug traffickers returning to the West/Southwest with trunks full of cash might be tempted to partake of casino services. Not only would we benefit form all their money, but facial recognition cameras might bust a ton of bad guys.

  8. kwadro6 says:

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  9. davenport resident says:

    Buettner being paid by the City hardly qualifies as an outside source.

  10. thescoundrel says:

    I don’t go to the boats. So no matter where they are they don’t get my money. I do think that moving it near the interstate is a good business move. But in the end – unless the Quad Cities does a better job of selling itself to gamblers from outside the Quad City area as a gambling mecca, than they did with the riverboat idea- then most of the money is just recycled local cash. Respectable totals, maybe, but without a constant draw from outside the Quad City area – no treasure trove.

  11. davenport resident says:

    I agree with the comment about $10.00 words, but what about Alderman Edmond’s constant use of 10 cent ones to attempt to justify his positions.

    If the gambling purchase by the City of Davenport has to be, there is a proposal of how to make the downtown gambling operation the gambling destination of choice in the Quad Cities. A visionary proposal.

    It just hasn’t been heard.

  12. cruisin2 says:

    If the IOC wants another $5 million to locate there, common sense tells us it is the place to be.

    One just finds something they are interested in, find the facts, and write from your heart.

    davenport resident,
    At least he is local.

    We don’t frequent the boats either. It seems in the city’s best interest to pick a location that would reap the most profit.

    davenport resident,
    Almost everyone here has some position on the Casino. A majority of residents even think it should be voted on.

  13. anonymous says:

    The mayor quickly got into a back and forth with a guy that came up for public with business, and was questioning how the TIF for the casino would work and if that meant that there would be no taxes paid. Because this was being broadcast, the mayor quicky handed off to moe, larry and curley who gave about a half baked answer that nobody could follow unless you have a general understanding on what exactly Tif is. TIF would mean that whomever would only pay taxes for a certain amount of time for the property at the same dollar amount as the property was paying Before the casino and hotel are developed. So if it’s two old crap buildings downtown that are paying a small amount of taxes, that tax amount stays the same for the agreed period. Same if it’s built out by the interstate and it is TIF’ed. The owners would pay the same as the current raw land taxes, and the improvements would not be taxed for the length of the TIF agreeement.

  14. anonymous says:

    Alderman Edmond: Has the city every tried to get Costco to locate in Davenport? Seems like those almost become a destination and tourist attraction. That one in Corraville is packed all the time with customers. I would think that they would draw traffic from Illiois to shop over here, and we would then have that sales tax money.

  15. QC Ghost says:

    I heard that Costco was considering building on 53rd at the Bettendorf/Davenport line.

  16. davenport resident says:

    Nice post on the TIF. Everything the City does is in the details. No open government here. You have to have a Council, or at least one or two Council members that understand details, and know how to read, not just do a “its not going to happen” shout out on the blog once in a while.

  17. cruisin2 says:

    Makes sense to us. It must be the lose money to make money line of thinking.

    Sounds like a win/win situation to us.

    News to us, we figured it wouldn’t try downtown.

    davenport resident,
    lol, our local government is as transparent as Obama’s.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Actually TIF deals do not have to be 100%. Many of the Davenport TIFs are for 60% or 80% of the new property value. Anyway, a percentage of something is more than 100% of nothing. And after the time limit if the TIF – usually 15 years – it’s 100% of all of it.

  19. bill edmond says:


    I haven’t heard any talk of a Costco coming to Davenport. I would welcome them though. Any new business is a good thing.

  20. anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reply Alderman, and as a follow up to that, wouldn’t it be a good idea to agressivly go after businesses like that? Don’t we pay D1 money each year to do things like that? Or would that fall under economic developement department? It could be as simple as a call from the city saying we’ve got all these incentives and Davenport is business friendly. This isn’t just for costco, but any big business that brings in large amounts of sales and property tax. Then how about existing Davenport business. Why not incourage someone like Home Depot that already has one store in town to open a second one on the west end like in the abandoned Kmart building. Maybe they had not considered or thought of that, and if they thought they could make a go of it, it might fill one of the empty box stores.

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