We’re not drinking the kool-ade rant


Congress has the lowest approval rating
in quite some time yet they don’t seem
concerned. That could have something to
do with the fact that many just got

Congress has a long track record of
passing bills that do nothing. And once
the bills are passed it is next to
impossible to get them repealed.

Did you know margarine used to be white
or pink because yellow coloring was banned
by our government?

Or that in 1902 the government raised
the tax five-fold on colored margarine
but decreased it on white margarine?

And could you guess this led to a drop
in margarine use from 120 million pounds
to 48 million pounds the same year?

It also led to a bootleg colored margarine

Remember the ‘War on Poverty’ that
officially began in 1964? We have to
wonder why Congress hasn’t thrown up
the white flag yet as we now have almost
as many Americans on welfare as those
who are working.

We remember when Nixon declared a ‘War on
Drugs’ in 1971, and after the government
has thrown a trillion dollars into the
war we don’t feel like winners.

Recently we’ve had the Fast and Furious
investigation, the Benghazi investigation,
and the fiscal cliff. All problems created
by government.

Now with the fiscal cliff almost every
taxpayer in America is going to see an
increase in taxes and the politicians
are celebrating.

The increase we speak of is to Social
Security. So we will pay more while we
get less, and no cuts to spending.

And yet there is no uproar, no mass
calling on the carpet, no uniting of the
citizens against the nonsense.

Have we gotten that apathetic that we
will idly stand by and allow our standard
of living to be compromised?

Politicians call it progress, we call
it a crying shame.
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4 Responses to We’re not drinking the kool-ade rant

  1. no comments needed I think you covered everything – good post.

  2. AnonymouS says:

    What day is Alderman Meyer having his trial?

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Thank you.

    One is today to try and get the weapons charge dropped.

  4. AnonymouS says:

    Thanks. Hope he gets off. That neighbor of his has been trouble for years.

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